Summary of the week 48 (dairy)

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Summary of the week 48 (dairy)

This is our summary of the week 48 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.


SMP is offered 3200-3350 EUR/MT EXW EU. Customers are slowly getting used to higher prices and are starting to accept them without much choice. FCMP is offered above EUR 4.15/kg EXW EU.

BMP is in short supply on the market, prices are already above 3 EUR/kg.

Strong interest in WPC80 from outside the European Union – prices are starting to break through 10 EUR/kg EXW EU. There is a big demand for WPC 35.


Dutch-type cheeses are being offered above 4.15 EUR/kg EXW EU, and there are no signs on the horizon that prices are likely to correct anytime soon.

Strong demand for Q1 cheeses, so prices remain well above 4 EUR/kg.


After a two-week slowdown in terms of interest in butter, the price has started to build again. Frozen lactic butter is being offered at 5.25 EUR/kg EXW, with fresh butter, freshly made from churned cream costing over 5.60 EUR/kg EXW PL.

We are seeing more interest in AMF for December and January. January trading prices for butter are higher than in previous weeks.


After two weeks of decline, cream prices rebound to reach 7 EUR/kg. Europe is struggling with less raw material, which only reinforces everyone’s belief that the next 3-4 months will see high and fairly stable prices.

Raw milk prices are still very high and are not expected to decrease any time soon. SMC prices have fallen slightly but are still above 3,000 EUR/MT.






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