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This is our summary of the week 47 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.


SMP is offered around 3.20 – 3.35 EUR/kg EXW depending on the date of delivery. Manufacturers complain about the lack of raw material. Very poor availability of BMP.

Large interest in FCMP, which is offered above 4 – 4.05 EUR/kg EXW.

WPC35 follows the increases of SMP prices and is already offered around 3 – 3.05 EUR/kg EXW. WPC80 without changes, great interest from outside EU.


Prices for cheese have strengthened lately. The interest for Q4 is not diminishing. Inquiries and transactions for Q1 are at similar levels.  Prices for Gouda/Edam are near 4.10 EUR/kg EXW DE/NL.

Cagliata is stable, so is Cheddar.


The butter is offered 5.00 – 5.25 EUR/kg EXW DE/NL/EN. Even though if it would be produced straight from the cream – the production price would be over 5.50 EUR/kg EXW.

We see that the movement is diminishing before Christmas. Retailers are slowly accepting higher prices for butter cubes. Poor amounts of AMF are available at the end of the year due to smaller availability from natural regions such as UK/Ireland.


Raw milk collection is smaller than in previous years. In some European countries is even 3% lower. There is no indication for this trend to change.

Prices of SMC and cream are still high, even though they slid down a bit.

In the second part of the week, there was a commotion in liquids with prices of raw milk being extremely high.
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