Summary of the week 12 (dairy)

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Dairy Newsletter
This is our summary of the week 12 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



SMP stabilized on the level from the previous week. It won’t probably go up any time soon, but surely it won’t drop. There were a few brave ones that tried to negotiate, but they misfired. The demand is still there, but also the supply is not diminishing neither. There is plenty of concentrate to dry, so it seems like we are stuck at this level.

FCMP was steadfast. Mediocre interest, yet there are no changes on the horizon. Whey keeps its high ground. The appetite is significant, both from and outside Europe. The price is well established and should not go down any time soon.


After last week’s adjustments, hard type cheese price eased a bit. Deals were closed across Europe with those bids. Before Easter, we noticed interest in Cagliata and Mozzarella. However, the commotion is stable.


Butter noted a retracement last week. The low amount of spot buyers caused a brief price decline. In general, just before Easter there is almost no movement. On the other hand, the interest for April is substantial, which may cause increases in the near future.

We have to take into consideration the unremitting demand for European butter from export destinations. Furthermore, the upcoming season is the season of fresh food frequently eaten with cream, which will also play a role in the price rally.


Liquids are flowing briskly. Next week, next adjustment in cream price. Most likely that the availability of this product might be bigger just before the holidays. This might cause fluctuation, but the price should settle after celebrations.

SMC price reached a plateau. The quantities of SWC are satisfying and thus quotations are a bit lower. The milky season is starting, and we can already see a slump in raw milk price.
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Poultry Blood Meal 88%

Aspectos técnicos

El suministro de alimentos para animales con harina de sangre de aves de corral enriquece la dieta con proteínas, a la vez que proporciona un conjunto de componentes nutricionales como lisina, vitaminas y minerales. El alto contenido en proteínas favorece la formación de tejidos, mientras que la lisina garantiza el buen funcionamiento de las reacciones enzimáticas y el metabolismo de los hidratos de carbono. La harina de sangre de ave es también muy digerible y fácil de mezclar con otros aditivos. El producto final se presenta en forma de harina suelta de color rojo oscuro, sin grumos ni partículas extrañas.


La harina de sangre de ave es un aditivo muy popular en la alimentación animal cuando se desea un mayor contenido de proteínas. Se utiliza habitualmente como ingrediente en la acuicultura y en la alimentación de animales de compañía.

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