Summary of the Week 46 (dairy)

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Summary of the Week 46 (dairy)
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This is our summary of the week 46 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



SMP strengthened for another week. It’s hard to get an offer with a prompt collection for less than 3,150 EUR/MT EXW EU. For the first half of the next year, manufacturers offer prices above this level. One should remember about the ONIL-Algeria tender, which will most likely continue the upward trend. There is much product on the market, you just have to pay the right price to get it.

A lot of interest in FCMP, also from non-European markets, which means that prices are approaching 4,000 EUR/MT EXW EU. BMP gains attention and its price is reaching 3 EUR/kg. Also whey powders are sought-after, both sweet and acid.

WPC35 follows SMP and rebuilds its price. Prices around 2750-2880 EUR/MT EXW EU, depending on the collection date. The WPC80 is steady gaining and some manufacturers claim that we will see a price of 10,000 EUR/MT EXW EU soon.


Due to the high price of the raw material, the price of the cheese is not going to drop down. However, the price is getting more stable.

Polish producers offer Dutch and Cagliata cheeses above 4200 EUR/MT EXW PL.

Cheddar and Emmental hold their positions.


This week, the price of cream has slightly revised, and more volumes have appeared on the market. Offers are ranging from 6750-6950 EUR/MT EXW.

Fresh butter is offered at around 5300 EUR/MT EXW, frozen butter at around 5050 – 5100 EUR/MT EXW.


The milk collection should start rising soon, even though the levels are lower than in the previous year. SMC is still above 3100 EUR/MT with no change on the horizon.

Prices of cream went down, but we still saw interest at the end of the week. Producers are not willing to offer in advance. The situation during Christmas might be interesting.
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