EU dairy farmers call for market reforms amid financial difficulties

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EU dairy farmers call for market reforms amid financial difficulties
Table of contents
  • The European Milk Board (EMB) acts as the voice for dairy farmers across the European Union.
  • The EMB is calling for significant market reforms to alleviate the financial hardships faced by farmers.
  • The organization highlights the need for systemic changes to ensure fair compensation and sustainability in dairy farming.


EU Dairy farmers demand market reforms

The European Milk Board (EMB), representing dairy farmers across the EU, has called for urgent market reforms to address the financial difficulties faced by farmers, exacerbated by neoliberal policies. Despite some concessions made in response to widespread protests, the EMB argues that these measures are insufficient. The organization highlights the need for a systemic overhaul to ensure fair income distribution across the agricultural value chain, stressing that the current state has turned farming into a financial trap.

Calls for concrete policy changes

EMB leaders, including Danish farmer Kjartan Poulsen and Adrien Lefevre of the French dairy farmers’ association, have voiced their concerns over the unsustainable income levels for producers and the adverse impact on the future of farming in Europe. They urge EU policymakers to implement reforms that ensure producers can cover their costs and receive fair compensation. The EMB is advocating for EU-wide regulations to prevent prices below production costs and the integration of “crisis instruments” into EU agricultural policies to support the sector’s sustainability.


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