6th edition of Foodcom ADDITIVES Newsletter

Dorota Clapa
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6th edition of Foodcom ADDITIVES Newsletter
China accounts for a significant percentage of additive exports, and given that parts of the country are closed due to lockdown, the outlook does not seem very optimistic.
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Most of the methionine market has not yet been covered for Q3. Currently, we are seeing limited demand in Q3, and limited offers. Demand may be lower due to some avian flu issues in Europe affecting poultry production and feed demand, but other factors such as higher energy prices and high transportation costs continue to elevate prices.

Choline chloride 60% powder, 75% liquid

Currently we can observe a large shortage of CC60% on the European market. Some suppliers are trying to replace it with beta alanine, however it is available almost exclusively in liquid form and can replace only CC75%. The problem with supply of this raw material causes further slow but noticeable increase in prices.


At the moment there is low demand for threonine. Getting containers out of China is problematic because couriers cannot travel between provinces. It is predictable that production will be overloaded. Some buyers have already started buying, others think there is still plenty of time. Western European buyers do not seem to be concerned about the current situation yet.

Lysine HCL

When it comes to Lysine, whose main producer is China, we see even more logistical problems caused by lockdown, especially in the Shanghai region. There is still not enough space on the ships to load any quantity, there are still few or no offers for fast loading. Currently the offers are for shipments on fairly distant dates and in limited quantities.

Monocalcium phosphate

Currently, the MCP market has cooled and prices are down compared to recent weeks, but this is most likely a short-term trend as major non-EU producers have raised prices significantly.
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