Summary of H1 2022 Plant-Based Market

Analyzing the market situation from the first half-year with a view to the coming months can be useful for planning future investments and business decisions. And as the plant based market is constantly growing it’s full of potential. Past years showed that consumers are more likely to switch from eating meat and using animal products in general to plant-based sources of protein. End users can successfully reach the right amount of protein (essential amino acids) in their plant based diets. That led producers to discover new usage of plants in many products like processed foods. The feed market is also full of business opportunities!

Find out more about proteins, starches, and sugars: read our newly released summary of the plant-based industry from the Q1 and Q2 of 2022. Take a look at main indicators for plant-based markets that occur in the first half of the year. Discover trends in price fluctuations of Corn Gluten Meal and Native Corn Starch. Learn about weather conditions crucial for Potato Protein production. Read through market outlooks for Dextrose and meager volumes of Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten.

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