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This is our summary of the week 19 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



It’s hard to find SMP below 2.55 EUR/kg EXW – moreover, most producers are in a quite comfortable situation as most of the volumes are sold out. Both internal and export demand is strong. Many contracts are being closed. Companies are more confident with the products as lockdowns are finishing and holidays are starting. Ice cream production surely plays a role. Furthermore, Ramadan has come to an end, which should result in increased interest in purchases from outside the EU. Pricing of FCMP is consistent. The domestic demand is steady, and the export is continuously growing thanks to the season’s ending in the Oceania. SWP quite stable at the level around 990-1030 EUR/MT. Availability is scarce, what should push the price higher up. WPC 80 is a topper right now and the price does not cease to increase.


We can clearly see that the Horeca is finally getting active again. After weeks of stillness, the amount of inquires for Dutch type cheese is constantly increasing.
The situation is also true for Cagliata, as well as Cheddar.

Mozzarella is also reviving, and we can see demand from Europe as well as export destinations. This results in strengthening of the price. We have stars in our eyes regarding the future of the cheese market.


After weeks of calm situation on butter market, we can finally see some movement.Many end-users started to fill their stocks. According to producers, the demand for butter cubes is higher. German producers keep butter prices above 4 EUR/kg EXW. Furthermore, offers for Dutch butter are at the level of 4.10 – 4.15 EUR/kg with a prompt collection. Butter in Poland held its price for another week, mainly due to the relatively high cost of cream and thus fresh butter production is approx. at 3.95 EUR/kg EXW PL.

There is an increasing tendency on the market. Mainly due to fact that not too much product is stored. Moreover, the weather is getting warmer, which will result in a smaller amount of milk and cream produced. Oceania is finishing their season which will result in increased export interest for Europe.


Last week each liquid was in-game. In some parts of Europe, milk collection peak has already happened, while in other we are just there. Anyway, in a few weeks the whole continent will be well beyond this point. The appetite for raw milk and cream is rising and so is the price. They are consumed with fresh veggies and fruits. On the other hand, the supply for SMC and SWC is bigger, so the price dipped a bit.
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En savoir plus sur « Fraises Lyophilisées »
Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Aspects techniques

Les Fraises Lyophilisées ont une couleur rouge intense et un goût plus doux que les fraises fraîches. Elles ne contiennent pas de sucres supplémentaires, sont croquantes et se présentent sous forme de fruits entiers, de gruaux ou de poudre. Le produit final a un taux d’humidité d’environ 3 %. Cela préserve les propriétés des Fraises Lyophilisées et empêche le développement de la flore bactérienne. Le produit est léger, avec un poids sec d’environ 10%, ce qui contribue à sa facilité de transport. Lorsqu’on ajoute de l’eau, les produits lyophilisés retrouvent leurs propriétés initiales. Les Fraises Lyophilisées sont une excellente source de vitamine C, mais aussi de vitamines, A, B, PP et E, de fer, de calcium, de phosphore, de magnésium et de fer.



Les Fraises Lyophilisées sont largement utilisées dans l’industrie alimentaire. Elles peuvent être utilisées comme ajout aux céréales de petit-déjeuner ou aux flocons d’avoine instantanés. Elles sont également utilisées dans la production de crème glacée, de chocolat et de pralines. Les Fraises Lyophilisées peuvent également entrer dans la composition de thés aux fruits.

En confiserie, elles sont utilisées comme garniture de gâteau ou comme colorant naturel pour les glaces et les crèmes. Elles peuvent également être ajoutées aux gelées et aux puddings.

Parce que les Fraises Lyophilisées apportent une valeur nutritive et énergétique, elles sont utilisées par les sportifs suivant un régime.

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