Summary of the week 14 (dairy)

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This is our summary of the week 14 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



Most producers still maintain the narrative that they are sold out for the coming months. SMP offered by Polish producers is at the level of 2.50 EUR/kg EXW. This is also caused by the EUR/PLN exchange rate. Another factor is that the weather is not favorable for milk production. This should cause an increase in price.

Despite the decline in lactose prices on GDT, the interest in lactose and permeate is not decreasing. The reason might be the huge demand from China.
Whey and its derivatives are doing exceptionally good. Both food and feed whey prices are strong. The interest in WPC is rising since a couple of weeks. The demand is significant, so the situation will not change any time soon.


A lot of uncertainty on the cheese market, mainly due to the extension of restrictions and the closure of HORECA in most European countries. German producers still offer Gouda/Edam above 3.03 – 3.05 EUR/kg EXW. The price difference persists and Polish producers keep the price level above 3.15 EUR/kg EXW. Cagliata is offered above 3.10 EUR/kg and reductions are not on the horizon. In general, the market is going rather up. 


Polish butter blocks are offered at around 4 EUR/kg EXW. At the same time, butter from Western producers (NL/DE) does not fall below 4.15 EUR/kg EXW. We have to keep in mind that this month a contract with retail chains in Germany is negotiated, which always affects the prices of butter. Interest in AMF is not decreasing – prices are at around 5.10 – 5.15 EUR/kg EXW.


Cream strengthened its price slightly. Along the week the prices were gradually climbing. The interest was also growing. 

We observe the seasonal milk intake increase, but it is surely slower than in previous years due to colder weather. The availability of SWC is still stable. SMC build up in Germany, France and the UK. Many dairies will rise their milk price in upcoming months. For instance,  DMK will add €0.50 in March and €1 in April (per 100 kg). FrieslandCampina will probably increase the milk price in March and April, by €0.20 and €0.70 respectively.
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La Proteína de Arroz Integral es un polvo puro de color beige claro con un sabor característico y una textura “calcárea”. Las principales propiedades funcionales de este producto son su buena gelificación y su fácil solubilidad en agua. La Proteína de Arroz Integral se caracteriza por su buen contenido en aminoácidos. Es hipoalergénico y de fácil digestión. Otros beneficios de la Proteína de Arroz Integral son la rápida recuperación muscular, la absorción más rápida, la facilidad de digestión, el control del peso y muchos más. La Proteína de Arroz Integral también ayuda a regular los niveles de colesterol y azúcar en sangre.


La Proteína de Arroz Integral es una popular fuente de proteína orgánica para quienes siguen una dieta vegana o vegetariana. A menudo se combina con proteína de guisante para obtener un contenido óptimo de aminoácidos; el resultado es entonces una proteína completa. Esta combinación es popular entre los vegetarianos, que la añaden a su comida para compensar las carencias de proteínas. La Proteína de Arroz Integral puede ser un ingrediente de la avena, los batidos, las tortitas, las barritas energéticas o incluso los productos horneados. Debido a su buena solubilidad, también se suele añadir a las bebidas.

Incluir Proteína de Arroz Integral en polvo en la dieta puede producir un aumento de la masa muscular similar al de la proteína de suero. Los deportistas consumen Proteína de Arroz Integral precisamente para el crecimiento de la masa muscular, pero también para su mantenimiento.

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