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Ramadan started on the first of April and Easter starts on April 17. So, it’s safe to say that all the purchases have already been made with these holidays in mind. What can we expect in the coming days?

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Demand for SMP worldwide continues to outstrip supply in most producing regions. As milk production has struggled for months, buyers would like to secure volumes for the future. Sellers appear to be reducing risk and are reluctant to sell futures, leaving mainly spot activity and higher prices.


Demand for FCMP is increasing. Constantly rising fats prices have an impact on FCMP costs. Price increases are due to low supply and high demand, as well as steadily increasing prices for production costs, especially feed/fertilizer and energy costs.


Dairy markets continue to show signs of a bull market due to low production of most dairy products in Europe. The lack of available milk (and thus dairy commodities) has caused producers to have to renegotiate contracts with buyers, leaving irregular customers without coverage. This means that SWP prices are likely to remain high and buyers will not have coverage for future items.


The outlook for butter is increasingly short-term, as the most activity is seen in the spot market across all producing regions. As demand is strong and supply shows no signs of improving, we are likely to see tight markets in the coming weeks.


With most of the action in Europe taking place in a very tight and sentiment-dependent cash market, the cheddar market is likely to see more price rises in the near future. Since the gouda production forecasts are not very optimistic and most of the trade is only in the very tight spot market, our forecast for the European gouda market remains optimistic. Over the next few weeks, sellers are likely to slowly start offering volumes for May, while many buyers will be looking for cheese.


In general, all liquids started last week with high prices, but the closer to Friday the prices of cream and concentrate started to fall. This is a normal situation before Easter due to lower production and a small break for the holidays. Milk is still below last year’s level and in some countries there will be a milk peak and milk will become scarce. SMC could be bought for 3400 EUR/MT and cream for 8600 EUR/MT.
Más información Permeado
670 €

Aspectos técnicos

El permeado se utiliza comúnmente como agente de volumen, da un gran apoyo al sabor y reduce la higroscopicidad.

El permeado de suero se caracteriza también por una muy buena fluidez. Permite la formación de emulsiones estables, la retención de la humedad y la reducción del contenido de grasa.

El permeado se presenta en forma de polvo homogéneo de flujo libre, de color blanco cremoso a amarillo, sin olores ni sabores extraños.



Gracias a que el permeado de suero es rico en lactosa pero bajo en proteínas, puede utilizarse en la fabricación de dulces, productos de panadería, chocolate, mezclas secas y grasas. También se añade a la producción de helados, queso procesado, bebidas, carnes y cosméticos.

El permeado puede utilizarse como sustituto de la sacarosa y los jarabes de maíz. También se utiliza como relleno y sustituto de la lactosa, el SWP o el suero desmineralizado en polvo. El permeado es también una solución rentable para sustituir los costosos sólidos lácteos.

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