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Russia further reduced gas deliveries to Europe. In Germany the Nord Stream pipeline lowered its capacity to 40%. Many manufacturers fear that they will have to cease production if the gas supply falls significantly below the level in the long term. Specialists stress that there is no short-term solution to replace natural gas from Russia. Gas imports are not the only indicator that will influence the additives market in coming months. The war exposed how dependent some countries are on each other in the matter of raw materials. China is a huge chemical market and a major player in this field, and the economic dependence on Beijing has increased in many countries after Russia’s invasion, which China has not condemned. The question is what measures will countries take in the face of these dependencies. As always, we are observing the market situation with curiosity.

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Monocalcium Phosphate

n Europe, the supply situation has changed somewhat since the beginning of the war, as some new large suppliers from non-EU countries have entered the European market. The Q3 commodity price for phosphoric acid has not yet been determined. Although, there are early signs of price stability in feed phosphate contracts for Q3.

Methionine/Threonine/Lysine HCL

The demand for all feed amino acids is similar. The market is currently weak but stable as we do not expect any major changes in the industry this coming summer. Of the three amino acids, we continue to see the highest sales for lysine, followed by methionine, but for threonine, we noticed quite limited demand. Yet, it can be distinguished that prices in China will no longer fall and the market should rise again.

Citric Acid

Prices are slightly down, the European market is rich in commodities, though we expect a typical slowdown during the vacation season. We forecast rates to recover at the end of the warmer months, and all producers to start full production. This is a good time to buy.

Xanthan Gum

Prices are stable, the lack of availability is caused by the fear of buyers to approve raw materials from China for the correctness of the ECA test. We continue to see interest in the market for all emulsifiers. And influenced by the lack of availability of xanthan gum, we are seeing a price increase in raw materials such as cognac and guar gum. This is because manufacturers are looking for ways to change their formulations.


Concerning disodium acid pyrophosphate, regular delivery of this product is estimated. Analyzing the previous quarter, we notice slight decreases in prices.

Sodium Triphosphate

Similarly to other products, after a period of unavailability because of the failure of supplies from China, rates began to drop for this commodity. Shipments had waited several months to leave the country, and with the release of goods, boosted maritime trade has had a positive effect on the market.


We observe a doubling of the price of collagen, as availability of the raw product on the market is limited compared to previous months.

Sodium Bicarbonate

There are noticeable problems with commodities in the market, therefore as a result, we are experiencing a significant increase in trade rates.

Vitamin C

We can say there is a similar, and reoccurring situation to all Chinese origin products. Demand is likely to increase after the vacation, before the flu season begins, when it is used for medications and supplements, as well as cosmetics.
Más información Proteína de Arroz Integral
Brown Rice Protein
6150 €

Aspectos técnicos

La Proteína de Arroz Integral es un polvo puro de color beige claro con un sabor característico y una textura “calcárea”. Las principales propiedades funcionales de este producto son su buena gelificación y su fácil solubilidad en agua. La Proteína de Arroz Integral se caracteriza por su buen contenido en aminoácidos. Es hipoalergénico y de fácil digestión. Otros beneficios de la Proteína de Arroz Integral son la rápida recuperación muscular, la absorción más rápida, la facilidad de digestión, el control del peso y muchos más. La Proteína de Arroz Integral también ayuda a regular los niveles de colesterol y azúcar en sangre.


La Proteína de Arroz Integral es una popular fuente de proteína orgánica para quienes siguen una dieta vegana o vegetariana. A menudo se combina con proteína de guisante para obtener un contenido óptimo de aminoácidos; el resultado es entonces una proteína completa. Esta combinación es popular entre los vegetarianos, que la añaden a su comida para compensar las carencias de proteínas. La Proteína de Arroz Integral puede ser un ingrediente de la avena, los batidos, las tortitas, las barritas energéticas o incluso los productos horneados. Debido a su buena solubilidad, también se suele añadir a las bebidas.

Incluir Proteína de Arroz Integral en polvo en la dieta puede producir un aumento de la masa muscular similar al de la proteína de suero. Los deportistas consumen Proteína de Arroz Integral precisamente para el crecimiento de la masa muscular, pero también para su mantenimiento.

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