Work-camp Tenerife 2024

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Work-camp Tenerife 2024

What connects the Canary Islands with the efficiency of Traders in Foodcom S.A.?

In today’s work environment, where the balance between professional and private duties often seems lost, Foodcom S.A. breaks stereotypes by adopting a holistic approach to the development and satisfaction of its employees. Understanding that work efficiency is not just a matter of hours spent in the office but is also linked to the emotional and physical well-being of the team, the company has introduced an innovative program – Work-Camp in the Canary Islands.

At first glance, it may seem that the archipelago known for beautiful landscapes and beaches has little in common with the daily work in a trading company. However, Foodcom S.A.’s strategy strengthens these connections, meeting the needs and aspirations of its employees. An annual internal competition for salespeople is not only a way to support healthy competition but also a unique opportunity to relax and gain new experiences on the picturesque Canary Islands.

The Work-Camp concept in practice implements the idea of “workation,” which combines work with vacation. Staying in the ocean’s surroundings, listening to the sound of the waves, and enjoying the numerous attractions of the island becomes an appreciated reward and motivation to achieve set goals. The best of the best in sales ranking have the opportunity for a week-long trip, during which they will not only relax their body and mind but also acquire new skills such as surfing, which can be a metaphor for catching the right market waves.

The main philosophy of Work-Camp is to provide added value in the form of personal development, which later translates into work results. Accommodation in comfortable conditions, healthy cuisine based on local, fresh products, active rest in the form of sports activities, and exploration of the Canarian culture all contribute to a rich benefits program that Foodcom S.A. prioritizes.

The company carefully analyzes the needs of its employees, based on the assumption that a happy employee is an efficient employee. It turns out that a week-long work-camp is a time when salespeople have a chance to reset, gain distance from daily professional challenges, and consequently return to the office full of new ideas, positive thinking energy, which is invaluable in the dynamically changing world of trade.

It should be emphasized that Work-Camp is not limited to rest only. It is also an opportunity to meet with local entrepreneurs and experts, allowing salespeople to broaden their business perspectives and draw inspiration for further professional development. Networking sessions, sharing experiences with other participants, and joint problem-solving are valuable elements of the program that strengthen interpersonal and professional skills.

Foodcom S.A.’s initiative shows that investing in an employee is key to building a stable and committed team. The Work-Camp program in the Canary Islands, with its own work schedule, is not just a unique benefit but also an investment that pays off on many levels. Employees return from such a work-camp refreshed, with new perspectives, which not only positively influences their work outcomes but also contributes to creating a positive atmosphere throughout the company. Foodcom S.A. thus becomes a company that leads the market, caring for the sustainable development of its employees, both professionally and personally.
Below you will find a short recap of this year’s trip 😊:

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