What is going on? Additives market with Foodcom

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What is going on? Additives market with Foodcom


Ynsect, a French manufacturer of insect-based ingredients, is expanding its operations in North America.

Contracts have already been signed to build insect ingredient plants in the United States and Mexico. The company claims that the new investments will create the largest insect farm in the world. We know what you are wondering – whether those insects will escape from their pens. We are wondering the same thing.

Netherlands-based Royal De Heus Group has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Vietnam’s Hung Nhon Group for a strategic partnership.

The cooperation plan calls for the establishment and development of projects in the field of agriculture, such as livestock and poultry farming, and the development of raw materials for animal feed. After all, cooperation is the key to success, isn’t it?

The unprecedented scale of avian influenza is certainly one of the events that marked the year 2022.

Unfortunately, the situation is still not getting easier. In recent days, the situation in the Czech Republic has worsened to the point where an official ban on keeping poultry outdoors has been issued due to the high risk of infection.

The Americas

Leading Canadian fertilizer manufacturer Nutrien expects the market to stabilize over the next year. Let’s hope so!

No one needs to be reminded that the passing year was marked by fluctuating fertilizer and pesticide prices, so stabilization in the following months would certainly be a nice change. Company representatives predict that despite the dynamically changing global situation, we will not see such wild price swings in 2023. We will just have to wait and see.

Last week, the largest oil spill in a decade occurred in the United States. This is the third spill of several thousand barrels of oil from the Keystone pipeline in the last five years.

One piece of good news in this situation is that Canadian company TC Energy Corp has announced that it has cleaned up nearly 2,600 barrels of oil. Talks are underway to move forward, and it is unclear when the pipeline will reopen. Sometimes people say to ‘add oil’ when faced with a challenge, but it’s clear that’s not always a good idea after all.

Fertilizer producer Mosaic Co has decided to temporarily reduce potash production at its Colonsay mine in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The reason for the decision is lower-than-expected demand at a time when the company has sufficient stocks to meet it. The mine is expected to return to full operation in early 2023. An interesting New Year’s resolution, you can’t deny.

Asia & Oceania

Fertilizer cooperative Ravensdown is testing a new source of phosphate rock from Australia.

The company is importing 5,000 tons of phosphorite from the newly commissioned Ardmore mine in Queensland, Australia. According to company representatives, the main motivation for the expansion was the current uncertainty in the commodity market related to the global situation and the desire to ensure the supply of high-quality superphosphate to New Zealand farmers and ranchers.

Due to high gas prices, the urea plant of Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. is operating at only 50% capacity.

The India-based plant has been forced to reduce its capacity due to extremely high prices for imported gas. It’s nice to slow down a bit at the end of the year, it’s just a pity that in this case it was forced.

India is encouraging fertilizer companies from around the world to invest and open warehouses in the country.

As one of the world’s largest fertilizer importers, India has been particularly affected by rising market prices and declining fertilizer availability. Not surprisingly, various solutions are being sought. Encouraging investment and close business cooperation seems both sensible and mutually beneficial.
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