The First Half of 2020 on the European Dairy Market

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The First Half of 2020 on the European Dairy Market
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Comparing the data from January – June 2019 and 2020 butter exports were higher by 37%. The biggest importer was the United Kingdom, but the quantity of imported product went down from 29 257 tonnes in the first half of 2019, to 24 648 in 2020. (If we would take out the UK from the equation, the butter exports would be 59% higher for the compared period.) The product mainly came from Ireland, Denmark, and France. In the second place was the USA with a rise of 31%. Here also, most of the butter came from Ireland but then was the Netherlands. The third most important export destination was Saudi Arabia with an astonishing 168% rise. The supply came from Denmark and Lithuania. China appears to be on a fourth position with a 65% increase (from 4 543 up to 7 494 tonnes) with the product from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Considering the whole year 2019, most butter was exported to the UK, USA, U.A.E., China, and Turkey. In that year the biggest exporter, in general, was Ireland.

On the other hand, the import of butter was down by 50%.


As for the period of January-June 2020 to 2019 SMP exports were lower by 15%. The biggest differences in quantities could be noticed in the Q1: March 2019 was almost 20 000 tonnes higher than in 2020, while numbers for April were more or less the same. The most popular export destination was Algeria and the quantity was higher by 53%, second and third place belongs to China and Egypt with falls 14% and 18% respectively. As for Algeria, SMP came mainly from Belgium, Poland, and France. China’s main supplier was Finland and Egypt’s was Germany.

In 2019, most SMP was exported to China, Algeria, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Egypt. The main European exporter was Belgium.

Considering FCMP, the export was 11% higher in the first half of the year 2020, than in 2019. Three main destinations were Oman, Algeria, and Nigeria. Only Oman was on a decrease, while Nigeria imported 131% more. Sweden was Oman’s main supplier, while Nigeria was buying from the Netherlands.

In 2019, FCMP was exported mainly to Oman, the UK, Algeria, Nigeria, and Kuwait. The main supplier in general was the Netherlands.

In the period of January-June 2020, whey powder was exported mainly to China. The tonnage was significant at 120 795 tonnes, which stated for a third of all exports of this product. The main exporter was Poland, then was the Netherlands and France. The second and third destinations were Indonesia and Malaysia. For those counties, the main supplier was Germany.

In 2019, whey was also mostly exported to China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The main supplier in general was France.


Exports of cheese were the same for the first half of 2019 and 2020. Most of the product was exported to the UK with a decrease from 245 496 to 203 776 in the compared period. Most of the cheese came from Ireland, France, Germany, and Denmark. If the UK would not be taken into consideration, cheese exports would rose by 10%. Japan imports rose by 12% and at the same time, the USA fell by 12%. What is interesting, most products exported to Japan came from the Netherlands and Germany, while the USA imported mainly Italian cheese. The biggest increase was noted for Ukraine – 142% – up to 21 272 tonnes. Ukraine imported mostly from Poland.

In 2019 cheese was mainly exported to the UK, USA, Japan, Switzerland, and South Korea. The biggest European exporter in 2019 was Ireland.

Imports of cheese were lower by 3%.

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