Solvents – what is it?

In the context of Foodcom S.A.’s operations, “Solvents” refer to chemical substances that have the ability to dissolve, disperse, or extract other substances without undergoing a chemical change themselves. Solvents are commonly used in various applications, including but not limited to extraction processes, cleaning, degreasing, and as carriers for various formulations. They play a pivotal role in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing by facilitating processes that require the manipulation of the physical or chemical properties of other materials.

Most common questions

1. What are some common applications of solvents in the food industry?

Solvents find applications in the food industry for tasks like flavor extraction, oil extraction from seeds, cleaning equipment, and as carriers for food colorings and flavorings. Solvents are carefully chosen to ensure they are safe for food contact and do not leave harmful residues.

2. Are all solvents safe for use in food processing?

No, not all solvents are safe for use in food processing. Food-grade solvents are specifically selected and regulated to ensure they meet safety standards. These solvents are carefully tested to ensure that they do not introduce harmful substances into food products and are safe for consumption at the levels used.

3. How are solvents used in the feed industry?

In the feed industry, solvents are used for various purposes, such as extracting oil from oilseeds (for example, soybeans), which results in products like soybean meal. These solvent-extracted meals are valuable ingredients in animal feed due to their protein content. The solvents are carefully removed, leaving behind a safe and nutritious feed ingredient.

4. How does Foodcom S.A. ensure the quality and safety of solvents it trades?

Foodcom S.A. is committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. When trading in solvents, the company works with reputable suppliers who produce solvents that meet strict quality and safety criteria. Foodcom S.A. conducts thorough assessments, including testing for purity and compliance with regulatory standards, to ensure the solvents it offers to customers are of the highest quality and suitable for their intended applications.