Fish Meal: how to use organic fertilizer?

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Fish Meal 72%
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  • Fish Meal is a category 3 product.


  • Its production involves cooking, drying and grinding of fish and fish processing waste.


  • Fish Meal is a rich source of complete proteins, minerals and exogenous amino acids.


  • It is used as a protein additive in feed mixtures, in the production of ground bait and as a fertilizer.



Fish Meal is a category 3 product, popular for its properties and multiple uses. It is often used as an ingredient in animal feed and fertilizers. Want to learn more about the properties and uses of fishmeal? Then read on!

Production of Fish Meal

Fish Meal is produced from fish and fish processing waste. It is in the form of brown powdery flour, and the process of its production involves several steps. First, the raw material is cooked and dried at a high temperature. This is an important step, as it kills all harmful microorganisms. If the fish used is fatty, it is first pressed to extract most of the fish oil. Then the fish is pressed and ground to crush all the bone parts.

It takes about 5 tons of fish to produce 1 ton of the product. Practically all types of seafood can be used for the production. Foodcom S.A. offers Fish Meal from fish such as herring and sprats, which are farmed in the Baltic Sea.

Fish Meal properties

Fish Meal is a rich source of healthy and easily digestible protein, which has better nutritional value compared to other meals of animal origin. One of the most important benefits of fish meal is its richness in minerals. It contains significant amounts of phosphorus, calcium and selenium, which are essential for the health and proper functioning of the body. The composition of the meal also contains valuable exogenous amino acids, including Lysine, Methionine and Threonine.

The shelf life of Fish Meal is 12 months. It is recommended to store the product in a dark, dry and cool place to keep it in good condition.

Fish Meal in feed

Currently, Fish Meal is mainly used as a protein supplement in compound feeds. Since it is rich in proteins and amino acids, it enables animals to grow quickly and utilize feed efficiently. In addition, Fish Meal makes the feed taste better, making animals more willing to eat it. It is a highly nutritious feed ingredient for fish, pigs, poultry and pets.

Fish Meal is recommended for poultry nutrition as it has a positive effect on the birds’ immunity, improves food digestion, increases fertility and improves the nutritional value of eggs. In pig breeding, on the other hand, it accelerates the growth rate, improves the quality of fat in meat and increases disease resistance. In cattle breeding, in turn, it not only accelerates the growth of animals, but also increases the overall milk production.

Fish Meal, due to its palatability, is used not only in the production of feed, but also in the production of bait used by fishermen. It must be used in strict proportions – it should not exceed 10-20% of the volume of the bait.

Fish Meal in feed

Fish meal as fertilizer

Fish Meal is used as a fertilizer in agriculture because of its nutritional value and positive effect on soil and plants. It is a rich source of nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, which are essential for plant growth and development.

When Fish Meal is used as fertilizer, it has several positive effects on the soil. First of all, it has a positive effect on the structure of the soil and improves its permeability. This, in turn, facilitates the development of plant roots and the availability of nutrients to plants. Fish Meal also helps retain water in the soil, which is especially important during dry periods when plants need access to adequate moisture.

In addition, thanks to the presence of nitrogen and phosphorus, Fish Meal supports healthy plant growth and the maintenance of green leaves.

Fish Meal as an important ingredient for the industry

Fish Meal is indeed an extremely valuable product whose use in various industries can bring many benefits. Although it is a by-product of animal production, it has high nutritional value and is widely used in industry.

It is a rich source of complete proteins, minerals and amino acids that are used in the production of feed and fertilizers. This use of Fish Meal is not only a benefit to the industry, but also to the environment as there is less waste. If you think that fishmeal can also be used in your company, do not hesitate to contact Foodcom S.A.!

Why Foodcom?

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Learn about Fish Meal 72%
Fish Meal 72%
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Technical aspects

Fish Meal offered by Foodcom is produced from fish such as Herring and Sprats cultivated in the Baltic Sea. The final product comes in the form of loose, brown flour. It has 71,5% protein content, 13,3% of fat and approximately 5,83% of Lysine. Foodcom S.A. also supplies Fish Meal 60% and 65%.


Fish meal is widely used as a highly nutritious component of animal feed especially for aquaculture but also for pigs, poultry, and pets.

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