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To fulfill our mission, we are constantly improving. We leverage our strengths and ambitions to grow as a global company. Find out what sets us apart in the marketplace and why you should grow your business with us.


When it comes to business, time is extremely valuable. That’s why our team takes additional care to ensure that deliveries always arrive with the schedule, so you do not have to worry about delays.

We are just as quick to respond to your inquiries, which are essential to us. We try to ensure that a response to your question arrives within a few hours at the latest.

Stability and security of delivery

We want the goods to always arrive at the right place, intact. The quality of our products and services stands at the highest level and is confirmed by numerous industry certifications.

Our experience of almost ten years helps us ensure supply chain continuity even in adverse market conditions.

Constant communication

Our sales representatives speak numerous languages and as a team operate in various markets. The traders who have been dedicated to our clients are from all over the world. Our team speaks more than 15 languages in total! Thanks to the stable contact with our business partners, you can be assured that transactions will be smooth, fast and without any misunderstandings.

With such a large international team, we had to learn to communicate with each other. Like Orcas, we can communicate the most efficiently and effectively.

Availability and extensive product portfolio

When working with Foodcom, you can be sure that the products of your choice are always available. Our portfolio consists of various products from dairy, plant-based, category 3, to industrial additives, but we are constantly expanding. The market is changing, and we do so along with it. Our team is constantly researching new areas of expansion and hunting for the best deals for you!

Diversity of suppliers

An ocean of possibilities: we work with a wide range of suppliers from all continents, so we never encounter any shortage of product availability. And if a product cannot be found in the market – our knowledge helps us find substitute products that successfully meet our customers’ requirements.


In the early days of the company, Foodcom made the decision to publish the prices of the products with which it deals. That’s why on our website you will find updates on prices, with highlighting the top products.

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