29th Edition of Foodcom ADDITIVES Newsletter

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29th Edition of Foodcom ADDITIVES Newsletter

The end of March means that spring is in full swing. At least that’s what we would wish for… The additives market is experiencing some revival, although waking up from hibernation is not easy for everyone. As we wrote recently, spring means the official start of the barbecue season, which noticeably increases the popularity of commodities used for making mayonnaise, ketchup and other delicacies that consumers reach for during this time.
Spring also means a drop in interest in dried raw feeds, as there is (finally!) an opportunity to get animals out to pasture and/or feed them feed made from fresh ingredients. This undoubtedly needs to be addressed by breeders, feed manufacturers and traders alike.
Want to know all about the current state of the additives market? Be sure to read the article!

Citric Acid

The market for Citric Acid is waking up, and more and more is happening around this commodity. The eyes of everyone interested in Citric Acid are on China, the most important country for this raw material. This is especially noticeable now, after the recent opening. Current market events suggest that prices will rise in the near future.

Xanthan Gum

There is a lot of movement in the case of Xanthan Gum. Many inquiries are coming from ketchup and mayonnaise manufacturers – clearly spring and barbecue season are in full swing (although the weather, at least in some regions, suggests otherwise). Availability of the raw material on the market is sufficient to meet demand, and purchases are largely made on a spot basis.

Hydrochloric Acid

Due to the temporary curtailment of some factories’ operations, shortages of Hydrochloric Acid are expected in the market. Let’s hope that all factories using this raw material for production are prepared for these difficulties. Of course, a decrease in supply while demand remains the same can only affect prices in one way…

Ferric Chloride

Since Hydrochloric Acid is used to produce Ferric Chloride, there may also be shortages in the Ferric Chloride market. This trend is likely to continue in the coming weeks.


Taurine has also seen some movement lately. Its main customers are the cosmetics and food industries. Is their increased interest related to the arrival of spring and the awakening of consumers from their winter sleep?

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