What is Acid Casein used for?

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What is Acid Casein used for?
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  • Acidasein is the most important milk protein.
  • Casein is an emulsifier, but is also a nutritional additive.
  • It is widely used in various industries, but is most commonly used in the food industry.

What is Acid Casein?

Casein is produced from pasteurized skimmed milk. Casein is found in most mammalian milk, but is particularly abundant in sheep and buffalo milk. Human milk on the other hand has a particularly low Casein content. The name Casein comes from the Latin word ‘caseus’ which means cheese.

When Casein is made using acids, it is called Acid Casein. Acid Casein is made by coagulating milk with Hydrochloric Acid. This forms cottage cheese, which is separated and then washed from whey proteins to purify the final product. Later it is concentrated, ground and dried.

Casein is the most important milk protein and accounts for about three-quarters of the total milk protein. Casein belongs to the phosphoproteins and glycoproteins. It is therefore structured in such a way that sugar and phosphate residues are incorporated into the protein chain. Acid Casein has various industrial applications. Would you like to know what it is used for? Then be sure to read on!

Types of Casein

Acid Casein is not the only type of Casein that exists. Crucial to the classification of Casein is the coagulation method used. Casein used in industry has the following forms:

  • Acid Casein – produced by coagulating milk to an active acidity corresponding to the isoelectric point of casein, i.e., a pH of about 4.6. Acids are used in this process. The final product – Acid Casein – is thickened, ground and dried and has on average 88% protein.
  • Rennet Casein – can also be called Enzymatic Casein, as it is produced by treating milk with preparations containing proteolytic enzymes, such as rennet preparations. Later, the curd is processed, i.e. the whey is separated from the mass and washed several times to get rid of unwanted components. The resulting mass is ground and dried to produce the final product. Rennet Casein has about 82% protein.

There are also Casein salts, which are called caseinates. They are obtained exclusively from Acid Casein by modifying it with alkaline compounds. A distinction is made between sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate or potassium caseinate.

Acid Casein properties

Acid Casein comes in the form of a light colored powder with neutral taste and odor. It has many properties that can be used in various industries. Acid Casein has both functional and nutritional properties. It acts as an emulsifier, improves texture, and supports water retention. When Acid Casein is added to the final product, it improves its texture and allows for a stable and consistent flavor.

Acid Casein consists of some Amino Acids, so it can also be a nutritional ingredient in foods. Acid Casein is also characterized by heat stability. The shelf life of Acid Casein is 12 months. To take full advantage of Acid Casein’s properties, proper storage of the product is crucial – bags should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse at a temperature of no more than 25°C and a relative humidity of no more than 65%.

Acid Casein is not harmful to human health and does not cause any adverse effects. However, it should be noted that a small part of the population may be allergic to Casein, which in practice means that their body cannot break down the proteins of casein. Such allergies are very common among young children.

Acid Casein - applications

Acid Casein – applications

Due to its nutritional and functional properties, Acid Casein is widely used in the food industry. It can be found in the production of processed cheese – where it is used because of its thermostability. It is also an emulsifier and texturizer in analog cheese, diet bread, beverages, coffee whiteners, meat products or dietary products.

Acid Casein is not only used in the food industry. Another common use of this raw material is as a component of casein-based glues. They are made by mixing Casein with alkali, sometimes with the addition of preservatives. Such glue quickly becomes thin as the temperature rises, so it is usually used in the manufacture of jars and bottle labels. It is also popular in woodworking.

Acid Casein is also used in the construction industry or in the manufacture of paper and paint, and can be found in cosmetics, nutrition bars and sports drinks.

There is no doubt that Acid Casein has numerous applications and is useful in many industries. It can also boost your business! Fill out the form and get in touch with our Traders!

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