Results of Mlekovita Group

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Results of Mlekovita Group
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Results of Mlekovita Group

In 2020, the revenues of the Mlekovita Group amounted to over PLN 5.5 billion. Achieving these results was possible thanks to export, the value of which amounted to nearly PLN 1.3 billion. It equals 35% of the whole production. For Mlekovita, last year was a time of investment in the development of the technical, technological, and product base, for which the company allocated PLN 100 million. However, there would be no major expenditure without the proper intake of raw material – the amount of milk purchased in 2020 turned out to be record-breaking and exceeded the level of 2.3 billion liters.


A milestone in the company’s development was also the launch of a new sales channel – Mlekovita has launched two online stores. The company also invests in CSR and environmental protection. Among other steps, Mlekovita aims to reduce the number of plastics in product packaging.


Mlekovita stays the biggest Polish dairy company with a market share of over 15%.

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