Summary of the week 44 (dairy)

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This is our summary of the week 44 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



GDT powder prices soared. Interest for Q1 is not declining. SMP prices are at the level of 3.10-3.15 EUR/kg, while the feed SMP is already above 2.80 EUR/kg. FCMP is even at the level of 3.60-3.70 EUR/kg.

SWP prices are above 1.05 EUR/kg.

WPC and WPI are still going up. Prices in Q1 are getting higher and interest is not declining. WPC 80 regular is offered from 9 EUR/kg.


Cheese prices are very high. Bids are above 4 EUR/kg, with collection at the end of the year. The new offers are at 4.20-4.30 EUR/kg.Prices for Q1 are going up and manufacturers are offering smaller and smaller quantities. We get a lot of inquiries from export directions.

Cagliata is above 4.20 EUR/kg.

There is no cheese for the shredding. Suppliers postpone deliveries because they have no availability.


The prices of fresh butter do not match the prices of cream and are extremely high. There is a lot of frozen butter on the market with prices of 5200-5300 EUR/MT.

There is also a shortage of whey butter on the market. Small amounts of AMF are available and therefore prices are very high.


In some countries, the milk collection has increased slightly.  Cream is still high — it was even over 7 EUR in some parts of Europe. However, by the end of the week things had calmed down.

SMC is above 2900 EUR/MT. This is probably due to low availability. Raw milk prices were high at the start of the week, but things were calmer at the end of the week. The demand for dairy liquids in some parts of Europe was very high.
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Технические аспекты

Мука из индейки является отличным источником легкоусвояемого и вкусного белка для домашних животных. В ней содержится около 60% белка и около 13% жира. Продукт также содержит витамины, минералы и антиоксиданты, а также рибофлавин, способствующий лучшему усвоению питательных веществ. Конечный продукт представляет собой однородную муку светло-коричневого цвета.


Мука из индейки используется в качестве ингредиента премиксов в кормах для домашних животных.

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