Summary of the Week 45 (dairy)

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This is our summary of the week 45 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



Producers have a problem with the availability of milk and are not willing to offer SMP for Q1 2022. You can find a product with Q4 receipt from traders at prices ranging 3080-3140 EUR/MT EXW EU. Producers offer at 3100-3150 EUR/MT for Q4, but we see more movement near the bottom range.

FCMP is offered above 3750 EUR/MT EXW EU, many inquiries from outside the EU. It’s hard to find free quantities, many have to turn to some substitutes.
SWP stays around 1100 EUR/MT. There is a lot of commotion.

WPC80 is not weakening and the price on Q1 of the product offered by manufacturers is slowly approaching the level of 9450 EUR/MT EXW EU for WPC80 regular.


Dutch type cheeses stay firm much above 4.00 EUR/kg EXW. Producers complain about the high price of the raw material and a much worse ‘milk collection’.

Cagliata sold at 4200 EUR/MT is no longer a surprise.

Cheddar and Mozzarella are sought-after.


There is a shortage of sweet butter, fresh production, which is offered above 5.45 — 5.50 EUR/kg EXW DE/NL/PL. On the other hand, the availability of lactic butter is very good, the prices for frozen butter oscillate around 5.10 — 5.15 EUR/kg as the quantities are available.

Due to the high price of cream, however, large amounts of butter in cubes are produced from butter in a block of 25 kg.


Milk collection is at the lowest point. It’s lower than expected which drives the prices further up. All the liquids stayed steady.

SMC is above 3050-3100 EUR/MT and the availability is low. Cream stayed at the high level and the prices are at 7100 EUR/MT.
Подробнее о «Лизин»
1660 EUR

Технические аспекты

В промышленных масштабах его получают из капролактама. Лизин обычно выпускается в виде белого порошка.



L-лизин кормовой 25 кг является ключевым ингредиентом в питании животных. Продукт добавляется в кормовые премиксы для поддержания необходимого уровня лизина, который может быть недостаточным в других источниках белка, таких как соевая мука и кукуруза. Лизин добавляется в рационы кормления птицы, молочных коров, свиней и рыбы.

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