From the office to the ring: how boxing shapes the team and boosts motivation

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From the office to the ring: how boxing shapes the team and boosts motivation

In today’s environment, building and maintaining strong team bonds and supporting the wellbeing of each individual employee has become an integral part of workplace culture. Recognizing how important it is for work efficiency and a positive atmosphere to take care of physical and emotional health, our company has opted for an unconventional but highly effective solution. We introduced weekly boxing classes, which quickly developed into our company’s own “Fight Club”. This initiative provides an excellent form of physical exercise and serves as a platform for team building. It improves communication between employees and makes it easier to overcome common barriers, contributing to greater integration and mutual support within our company.

Personal development under the guidance of a professional

What is our Fight Club? It is a space for regular training and an opportunity to deepen your understanding of boxing — a discipline that combines intense physical exertion with self-defense techniques and offers a unique opportunity for physical and mental development. Boxing as a sport not only improves fitness and muscle strength, but also reaction speed, coordination and balance. It is also an excellent means of coping with stress, as intensive training enables effective stress reduction and contributes to a better mental well-being.

Our boxing classes are led by an exceptional professional trainer — Rafał Jackiewicz, a Polish boxer, MMA fighter, former EBU European Welterweight Champion, IBF World Welterweight title contender and former member of the Polish Light Contact and Full Contact kickboxing team. His wealth of experience in the ring is invaluable for our courses. Jackiewicz not only teaches boxing techniques, but also helps participants to develop skills such as concentration, discipline and stamina. These are qualities that are needed not only in the ring, but also in professional and personal life, making our courses a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Enhancing health and team cohesion through sport

Through regular exercises, employees build inner strength, learning perseverance and determination in pursuing goals. Boxing training requires full presence, which helps focus on the present moment and disconnect from daily problems, invaluable in the fast pace of modern life.

Furthermore, Fight Club creates a unique opportunity to build relationships among employees. Sports activities provide a neutral background where they can get to know each other better, cooperate, and form stronger bonds. Overcoming physical challenges together has an integrating effect, increasing the sense of belonging to the team.

Studies confirm that physical activity has a huge impact on the well-being of employees and their efficiency at work. For instance, the results of a study conducted by The University of Hong Kong for the Harvard Business Review showed that regular physical exercises could significantly improve employees’ productivity and well-being. Similar conclusions were drawn from a study conducted in Poland by Medicover, emphasizing the role of regular physical activity in performance.

In summary, our corporate Fight Club is a testament to our belief that healthy, satisfied employees are the foundation of success for any organization. Through these classes, we promote a healthy lifestyle, support the building of strong, integrated teams, and help our employees find that precious balance between professional and private life. After all, as the old saying goes, «a healthy mind in a healthy body» — and this, in turn, translates into better work results and overall life satisfaction.

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