Additives Newsletter – 2nd edition

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Foodcom S.A. Additives Newsletter
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Lysine HCL

There is a chance that prices will stabilize in mid-February and there will be more demand for lysine. At the moment there is a problem with availability of AJ lysine on the market.
European producers of high quality lysine are having difficulty fullfilling contracts because the demand is rising, together with prices for calf milk replacers producers.

Di-calcium phosphate (DCP)

Dicalcium phosphate is trading at record high levels, more than double what it was six months ago.
Prices of Chinese feed additives such as DCP imported into Japan continue to rise in the new year and some buyers have begun looking for cheaper substitutes. Traders are closely monitoring the market.




Choline chloride

Choline chloride prices are holding steady as major Chinese producers maintain high bid prices. While China is still locked due to covid, there are less vessels and arranging shipments to smaller ports is difficult. There are many uncertainties regarding the behaviour of foreign governments in relation to the Omicron variant.
Moreover, it is also generally noted that products from China are cheaper for the African market than for Europe.




Xanthan gum

There is still a problem with access to xanthan gum because of testing for ETO (chemical component that contaminates the product).
There is hardly any product on the market that is not contaminated. The problem has not gone away and is probably not going to go any time soon.
Подробнее о «Натуральное Молоко»
Organic Raw Milk
620 €

Технические аспекты

Натуральное Молоко выпускается в виде однородной жидкости с характерным молочным запахом и кремово-белым цветом. Для его производства отбираются только местные пастбища, которые обрабатываются без применения пестицидов, химических удобрений и генетически модифицированных организмов (ГМО).

Натуральное Молоко содержит около 4,2% жира, 3,3% белка, 4,9% лактозы и 0,7% минеральных веществ.


Натуральное Молоко является базовым продуктом при производстве большинства молочных продуктов. Оно используется для производства йогурта или масла, в зависимости от необходимости. Натуральное Молоко также является основным сырьем для производства сыров, как твердых, так и мягких. Кроме того, оно может использоваться при производстве мороженого и других молочных десертов, придавая им характерный молочный вкус.

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