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We are a trading company specializing in transactions in the food, feed and industrial sectors. We have everything your business needs: knowledge, experience, raw materials and products of the highest quality!

Foodcom S.A. About-Us

Key Players

Foodcom S.A. Mateusz Augustyniak
Mateusz Augustyniak
Member of the Board, Commercial Department, Partner
  • Head of Dairy Department
  • Manages the work of 25 traders
  • Specializes in the dairy market, but also has exceptional knowledge of other products
Foodcom S.A. - Łukasz Klażyński
Łukasz Klażyński
Member of the Board, Commercial Department, Partner
  • Head of Additives Department
  • Manages the daily activities of 25 traders
  • Turns every challenge into a successful transaction
Foodcom S.A. - Marcin Stradowski
Marcin Stradowski
Member of the Board, Commercial Department, Partner
  • Head of Plant-Based Department
  • Engaged in the process of onboarding and training of new traders
  • Interprets dynamic changes in the market as opportunities, not as problems
Foodcom S.A.- Paulina Szajuk
Paulina Szajuk
CFO, Partner
  • Manages a department of more than 10 people
  • Shapes and implements the company’s financial strategy
  • Supervises the creation of financial reports and statements
Foodcom S.A. - Wojciech Paciorkiewicz
Wojciech Paciorkiewicz
Vice President
  • Co-founder of Foodcom S.A.
  • Oversees the financial and administrative side of the company
  • Is constantly open to new ventures and projects
Foodcom S.A. - Tomasz Kosiński
Tomasz Kosiński
Commercial Department, Partner
  • Co-manages the Dairy Department
  • Deals not only with the trade itself, but also market analysis
  • Work at Foodcom S.A. brings him new challenges every day
Foodcom S.A. - Akif Rustamov
Akif Rustamov
Head of New Business Development Department
  • Head of the New Business Development Department
  • Actively searches for new development opportunities for Foodcom S.A.
  • Coordinates the cooperation of New Business Development with other departments within the company
Foodcom S.A. - Kamila Kozłowska
Kamila Kozłowska
Head of Logistics Department
  • Manages logistics processes at Foodcom S.A.
  • Creates and evaluates rules of cooperation with logistics companies
  • Negotiates the long lasting contracts with subcontractors
Foodcom S.A. Andrzej Stefańczuk
Andrzej Stefanczuk
Lawyers' Department Director
  • Manages the legal aspects of Foodcom S.A.’s operations
  • Is responsible for the compliance of all contracts and provisions with legal regulations
  • Adjusts company operations to regulatory changes that affect the commercial market


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