9th edition of Foodcom’s PLANT BASED Newsletter

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Ongoing situation on the European market is still highly connected to war operations in Ukraine. The invasion was soon followed by export bans which incite trouble in supply chains. Food import dependencies are clearly visible as countries that have restricted exports of grain register a lot of difficulties such as commodity speculation. Want to know more? [...]

Czytaj dalej… from 9th edition of Foodcom’s PLANT BASED Newsletter

Our 1st Plant-Based Newsletter!

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This is our 1st summary of the plant-based market divided into 2 main categories – Proteins and Starches&Sugars Proteins    Potato Protein Potato crop was poor due to excesive moisture in late Summer/early Autumn. The estimated harvest was around 10-20% lower than predicted. Moreover, the harvest was late by 3 weeks. Low, but available quantities of [...]

Czytaj dalej… from Our 1st Plant-Based Newsletter!