GDT Event 285 Results

Autore Foodcom
Tempo di lettura 9 minut
Data di pubblicazione 02 Giugno 2021

Event 285 concluded on Tuesday, June 1 with the GDT Price Index down 0.9%.


A total of 22,825MT of product was sold on the day.

Key results:

  • AMF index down 0.8%, average price US$5,654/MT;
  • Butter index down 5.4%, average price US$4,690/MT;
  • BMP index down 7.5%, average price US$3,810/MT;
  • Ched index up 0.5%, average price US$4,324/MT;
  • LAC index down 1.6%, average price US$1,236/MT;
  • SMP index down 0.5%, average price US$3,415/MT;
  • SWP index not available, average price not available;
  • WMP index down 0.5%, average price US$4,062/M

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