Amino Acids – Global Market Report Q1 2021

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Read our report on the Amino Acids global market in the first quarter of 2021. Discover the many factors behind market volatility and changes in the Asian market. Also, take a look at the prices for Threonine, Lysine, Methionine, and Tryptophan.

Overview of the market situation

The first quarter of 2021 saw some volatility in the global amino acid market due to a range of events. Freight deliveries from China faced higher costs and shorter availability during the spring holidays but resumed production and transportation in the recent weeks. Overall prices for feed additives grew at the end of February, mostly due to increased prices for amino acids. In January and February, there was a slight decline in prices on the Asian market as the pig production was recovering slowly and did not prompt the feed demand. The purchase intentions for amino acids on the Asian market grew from around 9-14% in early March to 45.5% in mid-March. Chinese manufacturers are facing increased fixed production costs and lower supply due to a dual control policy of energy consumption in the northern region.


The average global price for Threonine was the lowest at $1.44 per kg in mid-January but later increased to $2.10 per kg at the beginning of February and recently reached $2.39 per kg in April. On the European market, the prices for threonine slightly decreased to €1.95-2.10 per kg. The prices for threonine on the Chinese market noted some volatility and recently remain at $1.89-2.09 per kg depending on the region.


The average global price for L-lysine chloride 98.5% was lowest in 2021 in January at $1.42 per kg, but the recent numbers from April are at $2.19 per kg. On the European market, the prices are quite stable at €1.85-2.00 per kg while on the Chinese market lysine chloride is cheaper at $1.57-1.69 per kg. The prices for Lysine sulphate on the European market are at €1.15-1.30 per kg and on the Chinese market, they remain at $0.78-0.85 per kg. The situation is rather unstable and the prices for lysine are subject to many factors especially those impacting Chinese manufacturers. The production may be limited as the companies are facing power disruptions due to severe weather conditions, but they are also dealing with the recent dual policy on energy control. For now, the prices are expected to remain stable, but experts instruct to tightly control the production.


The recent price for Methionine on the Chinese market was $3.04-3.51 per kg – a slight decline from the previous quotations at $3.7-3.9 per kg. This momentary drop was due to lower purchases from feed enterprises still holding stock. However, the trend may not persevere and the prices are projected to grow as some major manufacturers suspend their production. The European market remains stable with spot prices at €2.90-3.00 per kg.


The global average price for Tryptophan was lowest in January 2021 at $6.34 per kg, but the recent numbers show an increase to $13.02 in March – a record price within the last year. The most recent average global price for tryptophan is at $11.02 per kg. On the European market, the offers stand at €9.50-9.85 per kg while Chinese quotations from mid-March are at $11.5-12.6 per kg and are expected to maintain higher prices.
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