Summary of the week 28

Author Foodcom
Reading time 8 minut
Publication date 27 July 2020
This is our summary of the week 28 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



There are not many transactions closed in the cheese department. Cagliata seems to be quiet. Hard type cheeses are also lulled. The main reason is that the expectations of sellers and buyers don’t match. Those are the formers that are more prone to negotiate. The retail demand seems to be normal, but bulk sales are below pre-pandemic levels.


There is a decrease in interest for butter. The price is lower than in the previous weeks. What remains somehow active are the butter cubes. Some buyers are waiting and some are just chilling on holidays. We heard some gossips that the results of next tender for German discounter will be roughly the same.


The price levels for liquids were more or less the same, except for SMC which bids went slightly up even at 2000 EUR per MT of dry matter. Also as for the quantities not much really changed.


In case of SMP, quotations claim that the price slid, but we saw transaction price go slightly up. Rumor has it that there is not much cheap stock left and the price of food and feed quality is surprisingly close. FCMP stayed more or less the same, while SWP went a bit down. The situation seems to be worse with lactose which dropped significantly. There are some inquires for powders, mostly from export destinations. What is most likely is that in a few weeks, when holidays will end, the commotion will begin.