Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (WPC 80)

Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (WPC 80) is produced from sweet whey by using an advanced low-temperature ultrafiltration process. This powder is unflavored and thus can be given any flavor or aroma.


Some of the most popular applications of this product are diet foods and sports nutrition, yet the range is wide.


Whey Protein Concentrate distributed by Foodcom S.A. has a water retention capacity that can be beneficial for the production of bread or various types of meat. Moreover, the emulsifying capacity of WPC 80 is important in the manufacturing of soups and ice creams. Furthermore, browning properties are important when a Maillard reaction is needed - mainly in the production of baked goods. 


Foodcom also supplies Whey Protein Concentrate with a protein content of 15% to 80%. Among other popular contents are:

  • WPC 35
  • WPC 60
  • WPC 70

The quality of service provided by Foodcom is confirmed by BRC Agents & Brokers certificate.


Foodcom S.A. supplies WPC 80 available in packs of 15/ 20/ 25kg or „Big Bag” 500-1000kg.


The average shelf life of WPC 80 is about 12 months.


Protein content: min. 80%

Fat content: max. 8%

Ash content max. 3.5%

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