Whey Protein Concentrate 35%

Whey Protein Concentrate 35% (WPC 35) is produced from pasteurized sweet whey by low-temperature ultrafiltration process. Thanks to this protein content is no less than 35% in dry matter.


WPC 35 can be used as a substitute for SMP (skimmed milk powder). It’s a great fat imitator and stabilizer for the production of such products as pastries, yogurts, diet, and infant foods. 


Foodcom S.A. supplies WPC 35 that has gelling properties and hydrophilic quality and thus can be very useful in the manufacturing of processed products and can act as a replacer of egg whites. The important feature of WPC is also the whipping and foaming ability, which is beneficial in the production of desserts (whipped cream) and dietary products. 


The quality of Foodcom S.A. service is confirmed by BRC Agents & Brokers certificate.


Foodcom S.A. provides WPC 35 in packs of 15/20/25kg or so-called „Big Bag” (500-1000kg).


The average shelf life of WPC 35 is about 12 months.

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