Whey permeate

Permeate is produced from fresh pasteurized skim milk, formed after the ultrafiltration of milk to extract proteins and fats. The product is then dried using advanced spray drying techniques. The product is sometimes called “deproteinized whey” when it is obtained from whey.


Thanks to the fact that whey permeate is rich in lactose but low in protein it can be used in the manufacturing of sweets, baking goods, and fats. It is also added to the production of ice cream, processed cheese, drinks, and cosmetics.


Foodcom S.A. is a European supplier of whey permeate which can replace expensive dairy solids.

It can be used as a bulking agent and it also gives great flavor support. Our experience as an industrial dairy product provider is confirmed by BRC Agents & Brokers certificate.


Foodcom S.A. offers whey permeate available in packs of 25kg or „Big Bag” 500-1000kg.


The average Shelf life of whey permeate is about 18 months.


Protein content: max. 2%
Fat content: max. 1%
Ash content max. 4.5%
Lactose content: 80% (-/+ 3%)

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