Hydrolyzed wheat gluten

Hydrolyzed wheat gluten
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Hydrolyzed wheat gluten is obtained from wheat flour. The process involves separating the gluten protein from wheat starch. This protein is enzymatically hydrolyzed into small, soluble protein and peptides before drying. 


Wheat gluten is a fraction of wheat grains composed mainly of proteins - glutenin and gliadin, as well as sugars and fats, subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain soluble amino acids - proline and leucine, and glutamic acid.



It is used in animal feed, pet food, and aqua feed products, as well as calf milk replacers - combined with synthetic amino acids is a favoured substitute for milk proteins. It is also an excellent source of Glutamic acid for incorporation in young piglet diet and recovery diet for pets.


For aquafeed, the product has the same nutritional value as Vital Wheat Gluten, but with no viscoelastic properties. It is also popular in the cosmetic industry in the production of hair care, body washes, and face creams. It has delicate washing properties, smoothens and protects the skin, and also serves as a pH regulator.


In food products, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten is a component of sport-nutrition powders and is utilized in the baking and confectionery sector. It can also improve the density and texture of the product.


Technical aspects 

Hydrolyzed wheat gluten's main properties are high protein content (80-84%), high solubility, and a high digestibility (around 95%). Hydrolysis enhances the digestibility rate in comparison to the complete protein. The content of ash and fiber is low. The product is neutral in color and taste, containing no anti-nutritional factors.


Physico-chemical analysis

pH – 5-8

Protein content – 75-85%


Shelf life and storage

The product should be stored in dry, cool warehouses with no access to heat or water. The expected shelf life is 2 years. 



The packaging is available in 20-25 kg bags, Big Bags, or Bulk Truck.


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