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Dextrose (d-glucose) is a simple sugar, obtained in industrial conditions from starch by acid or enzyme hydrolysis. The most popular starch sources for dextrose production include corn, wheat, and potato. 


Dextrose is a white powder of crystalline structure without any odor, available as dextrose monohydrate and anhydrous form. 



In food production, dextrose is widely used as a sweetener and a core ingredient of corn syrup. In confectionery, dextrose is found in jams, marmalades, and jellies as well as ice-cream, cookies, and other baked goods. 


In sports nutrition, dextrose is applied to many products for those aiming at rapidly boosting weight and muscle, such as shake powders and beverages. 


Other food production segments using dextrose include the meat industry and tinned fish goods. 


Dextrose is a vital ingredient of pharmaceuticals such as intravenous solutions and dialysis at medical facilities, or tablets and gels at pharmacies. 


Dextrose is also used in plant nutrition. 


Technical aspects 

Dextrose is popular in a number of food production segments as it enhances the aroma and flavor, and is appreciated due to its smoothness and mild taste as well as a cooling sensation.  


The depressed freezing point of dextrose makes it a popular ingredient of frozen sweets and ice-cream. 


Due to its short time of absorption products with dextrose are advised for people with diabetes and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). 


In fermentation goods, dextrose is used as a source of carbon and a carrier. In the meat industry, dextrose allows for enhanced diffusion of salt and nitrate in hams and sausages. 


Yeast creates a quicker reaction with dextrose than with sucrose, thus allowing economization on yeast amount in the production of baked goods. It also enhances the crispiness and color. 


Physico-chemical analysis

Carbohydrates – 100%


Shelf life

The product has to be stored in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated warehouse. The shelf life of dextrose is 24 months. 


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