Corn Gluten Meal

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The corn gluten meal is a by-product obtained from a wet-milling process of corn during corn starch manufacturing.

The final product is a homogeneous, fine powder in a yellow-orange color. It has a fresh cereal odor.



Corn gluten meal is mostly used as a feedstuff raw material for livestock, including fish, as well as pet food. It provides animals with protein, energy and pigmentation. It is used as a potential alternative to other proteins such as Soybean Meal, Fish Meal, Mean and Bone Meal as it is rich in protein.


Technical aspects

Gluten Corn Meal is high in protein and quite good in methionine which is valuable for laying hens. It has high energy digestibility. The relatively high content of yellow xanthophylls makes the gluten corn meal a popular choice for poultry pigmentation.


Physico-chemical analysis

Moisture max 10-12%

Protein min 55-60%

Fibre max 2%

Starch max 25%

Xantophyll - 250 mg/kg


Shelf life

Corn Gluten Meal should be stored in cool, dry places with humidity below 75% in clean, well-ventilated areas.

If stored correctly, it keeps the nutritional values from 6 to 12 months and for best pigment content it should be used up to 3 months from the production date.



The packaging of this product is bulk or big bags.


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