Skimmed milk powder in a bowl on a white background
2380.00 Eur / 1 MT
100,00 EUR ( 4,39% ) in 7 days
170,00 EUR ( 7,69% ) in 28 days

Skimmed Milk Powder is a dairy product made by evaporating fresh pasteurized skimmed cow’s milk in the process of spray-drying.


Skimmed milk powder classification:



  • High-heat skimmed milk powder least soluble - treated up to 135°C for 2 to 3 min,
  • Medium-heat skimmed milk powder - from 85 to 105°C for 1 to 2 min
  • Low-heat skimmed milk powder - most soluble - treated at 75°C for 20 s


It may be used in the production of dairy products such as yogurts, cheese analogues, or UHT milk.


Moreover, skimmed milk powder finds it application in the manufacturing of baked goods, confections, ice creams, and sweets. An important use is also sports and infant nutrition foods.


Thank to our experience as a European skimmed milk provider we can supply our Partners with the high-quality SMP which is confirmed by BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. The product is marked by excellent fresh-milk flavor and meets all requirements from the specification. Our product is suitable for Halal and Kosher diets.


Foodcom S.A. supplies Business Partners with feed grade skimmed milk powder. The quality of this product is confirmed by GMP + Certificate.


Our skimmed milk powder contains:

Proteins: no less than 34%;

Fat: no more than 1,25%;

Ash: no more than 8,5%


SMP is available in packs of 25kg, „Big Bag” 500-1000kg, or silos/bulk.


The average Shelf life of SMP is about 12 months.

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