Milk Protein Concentrate 80%

Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) is a concentrated milk powder that most usually contains 80% milk protein. It is produced from fresh, pasteurized skim milk by filtration and spray drying. 

The ratio of high-protein and low-lactose makes this product commonly used in manufacturing low-carbohydrate foods and protein-fortified beverages. It can be also added to baking products, desserts, cultured products, dairy-based beverages, sauces, and cheeses among many others. 

Thanks to our experience, Foodcom provides the best-quality MPC 80 that is utilized to manufacture pediatric, medical, and sports nutrition. 

Milk Protein Concentrate has great foaming, texturing, and coagulation properties.

We can provide MPC 80 with Halal/Kosher certification. To cater to our Business Partners needs with can provide MPC with other protein content:

  • MPC 60%
  • MPC 70%
  • MPC 85%


The high quality of our service is confirmed by the BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. 

As a dairy powders provider, Foodcom supplies MPC in 25 kg bags and in “big bags”.

The average shelf life of Milk Protein Concentrate 80 is 24 months.

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