Milk Permeate

Milk permeate is a co-product of the production of the Milk Protein Concentrate. It has a similar composition to whey permeate, however, the latter undergoes more processing steps thus, the organoleptic profile may differ.


It contains at least 76% of lactose (typically 86%). The product is characterized by a clean, consistent taste and pale cream color.

Milk permeate's application is wide: confectionery, desserts, beverages, bakery, ice creams, among many others.

It can also be used by the dairy industry to standardize milk.Moreover, the usage of milk permeate is a cost-effective way to reduce sodium. Milk permeate delivered by Foodcom is a great bulking agent.


Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with lactose packaged in 25 kg bags or so-called big bags.


The quality of service provided by Foodcom is confirmed by BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. 


Foodcom is able to provide Milk Permeate with a Halal/Kosher certificate.


Shelf life of milk permeate: 12 months

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