Colostrum powder is obtained from a foremilk produced by the female mammal. Foodcom provides bovine colostrum powder. 


The demand for colostrum is growing as health benefits become wider known. The foremilk is rich in proteins with a great amino acid pattern, as well as immunoglobulins and nutrients - vitamins and minerals. Bovine colostrum powder contains fat, sugar, and enzymes, as well as lactoferrin. It was proved by research that the product is a great immunity booster. Foremilk is also marked as an agent for healing injuries and killing bacteria. 


Foodcom S.A. provides its Partners with colostrum powder obtained by two different methods: 


  • Spray Drying Process - a more economical solution
  • Freeze Drying Process - a process used to manufacture premium quality. 


The application of bovine colostrum is wide.

It can be added to sport and special nutrition to improve the composition. Foremilk is also used in the manufacturing of animal food supplements. Moreover, it can be applied to the production of cosmetics. 


Shelf life:

24 months 



20 kg bags

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