Acid Casein

Acid casein is made from skimmed milk coagulated with hydrochloric acid. After the process of coagulation, casein is separated from the whey, and then concentrated and dried.

Foodcom S.A. supplies its Business Partners with Acid Casein 30-90 mesh.

Our casein is fresh and natural. The product has great nutritional value. It also has emulsifying and water binding properties.


There are many applications for casein, for instance, infant nutrition, sports supplements, processed cheese, beverages, coffee whiteners, meat products.  

Casein obtained by coagulation with the use of acid is also widely used in industry, e.g. in the production of waterproof casein adhesives used for gluing wood, veneers, plywood, furniture, texture, leather, plywood. The plastic Galalite is also made from casein.


The quality of service provided by our Company is confirmed by BRC Agents & Brokers certificate.  


Foodcom provides Acid Casein in 20/25 kg bags and in “big bags”.


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