Whey Butter

Whey butter is a by-product of cheese making, when the cream is separated out from whey and then transferred into butter. 


The product is less shiny and oilier than the regular butter. It also has a sharper, nutty and cheesy flavor. Foodcom S.A. also provides salted whey butter. The color depends on the type of cheese that is being produced. 


Whey butter is considered healthier as it contains less fat (min. 82%).


Thanks to its great melting properties, whey butter can be used for baking, cooking, or as a topping. It is also added to the production of candies.


Chemical analysis:

Fats: min 82%

Humidity: max 17,5%

pH: 4,0 – 6,8

Acidity: 0,35 – 0,45


Expiration date:

Depending on the manufacturer, it may differ. The most standard expiration dates are:

- 45 days from the date of production at a temperature of 2 - 6 ° C

- 12 months from the date of production at -18.1 ° C

- 24 months from the date of production at -22,1 ° C


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