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Edam 40%

Edam 40% is a semi-hard cheese that originates in the Netherlands. It is produced from partially skimmed pasteurized cow’s milk and its manufacture includes heating, whey separation, and curd formulation. Similar to other semi-hard cheeses, Edam also undergoes the process of salt-brining. The taste of Edam is mild, delicate, clean, and slightly nutty. Edam’s taste grows stronger with maturing.


Edam is named after the town of Edam in North Holland. Edam is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, it is available in many various types, with different fat content (most popular are 30%, 40%, 45%) or shapes.



Edam cheese is suitable for direct consumption as a table snack or on-the-go product. It is also widely used for cooking and as an ingredient in pizza toppings. It is also suitable for grating, shredding, and slicing. Edam is found in cheese products where high protein and low-fat content is desired.



Technical aspects

Edam cheese develops taste over throughout ageing. With time, the cheese becomes drier and saltier. Edam also has a shorter texture than Gouda cheese and higher protein content than cheddar. The final product is flexible throughout the mass, with soft flesh. Oval, round holes are the size of rice to pea. The product is characterized by its mild, slightly sweet flavor and smooth texture.



Range of Edam offered by Foodcom

  • Edam 30% fat in dry matter
  • Edam 40% fat in dry matter
  • Edam 45% fat in dry matter


The product provided by Foodcom does not contain and has not been produced from genetically modified organisms.


Physico-chemical analysis

Fat – min. 40%.

Water – max 45%

Salt – max 2.5%


Shelf life

Depending on the country of origin the shelf life of Edam is about 3-12 months. The product should be stored at a temperature between 2 °C and 10 °C.



Foodcom S.A. provides Edam that is available in 3 kg blocks and euroblocks.


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Edam 40%

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