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Choline Chloride 50%

Choline chloride 50% is an organic chemical compound that is necessary in the body for the proper functioning of the liver and for the synthesis of acetylcholine. Choline chloride is known for its properties of supporting the immune system of animals, increasing fertility, accelerating weight gain (especially in cattle and poultry) and improving the quality of litter eggs.


Choline chloride 50% is used as a premix feed, food supplement for farm animals and as a compound feed.

Technical aspects

Choline chloride is a fine loose granular powder of white color. It has a light, characteristic smell of choline.

It is obtained by spraying and thoroughly mixing aqueous choline chloride on a silica support.

Shelf life

The shelf life is 24 months when stored in closed bags at room temperature. Bags should be kept tightly closed and protected against moisture, use immediately.


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Choline Chloride 50%

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