Mozzarella is an unripened, rennet traditionally southern Italian cheese. It has a sweet, mild taste and low moisture content. The texture is firm with a smooth surface and white to ivory color. 


Mozzarella has many functional properties great for industrial applications - it's ideal for melting, shredding. It's browning, and stretchy when heated. Moreover, it has great elasticity and adds viscosity. Thanks to these features Mozzarella is a perfect choice for pizza, salads, ready-cooked dishes, lasagne, pasta, and so on. 


Chemical – physical analysis:

Content of fat in dry matter min. 40%

Moisture: 49%

pH: 5,1-5,9

Salt: 1%


Foodcom S.A. delivers Mozzarella packed in 3 kg blocs or euroblocks (around 15 kg). Foodcom S.A. can also provide shredded mozzarella packed in bags.


Our experience and high-quality service are confirmed by the BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. 



Mozzarella should be stored in refrigerated storage at temperature 2°C - 10°C and kept from light and any smells.


Standard expiration date: 50 days from the production date.


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