Maasdam 45% FDM

Maasdam 45% is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It is a Swiss-style Dutch rennet cheese that matures faster than other Dutch cheeses.


The cheese is elastic, firm, and homogeneous with oval, regularly spaced eyes of various sizes and yellow rind. Sometimes it is waxed. It can be used as a less expensive substitute for Swiss Emmental. It is also softer and has a delicate nutty, sweet, and slightly spice taste. 


Chemical – physical analysis:

Moisture: 38,5-43,0%

Fat content: 44,5 - 50%

Salt: 0,7-3,0%

pH: 5,3-5,95


Maasdam is a great cheese for consumption. In addition, it’s melting properties make Maasdam a great ingredient for bakery, pre-made dishes, and soups.


Foodcom S.A. is a supplier of Maasdam that is usually available in blocks each weighing 13 kg.


Maasdam has a shelf life of about 6 months.

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