Gouda 48% FDM
2900.00 Eur / 1 MT
30,00 EUR ( 1,05% ) in 7 days
50,00 EUR ( 1,75% ) in 28 days

Gouda 48% is a Dutch yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. It is named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. It is a ripened (semi) hard type cheese. 


Gouda is one of the most popular cheeses all over the world. It is available in many different types, with different fat contents (most popular - 45% and 48%) and shapes. It has a mild-taste that grows stronger with the length of the maturing process. Gouda 48% is mainly destined for consumption, confectionery and bakery. 


Foodcom S.A. can provide Gouda that is suitable for further processing - slicing, grating, or shredding.

Thanks to our experience we can also offer Gouda with low salt content which ensures a more savoury taste. 


Our high-quality service is confirmed by the BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. 


Chemical – physical analysis:

Fat content: min. 48%.

Dry matter: min 55%

pH 5,2-5,4

Salt 1,2 - 2,0g 


Gouda is usually available in 3 kg blocks or 15 kg euroblocks. 


Depending on a country of origin Gouda has a shelf life of about 3-12 months.

Central Europe


West Europe


South Europe