Cagliata 45%

The production of Cagliata 45% is based on the coagulation of pasteurized milk with microbial rennet. The coagulated cheese curds are dried and formed into blocks, which are then dipped in the brine solution. The cheese is formulated in a rectangular block with holes that are evenly distributed. 


Cagliata cheese supplied by Foodcom S.A. is soft and elastic, with a pale yellow to white colour. The cheese is characterized by great melting properties, which is why it is widely used in the production of pizzas and casseroles. It can also be used as a semi-finished product in the manufacture of Mozzarella cheese.



Chemical – physical analysis:

Fat content in dry matter: 45%
Fat content: 27% - 29%
Dry matter: no less than 56%
Moisture: no more than 44%


Our experience and high-quality service are confirmed by the BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. 


Foodcom S.A. provides Cagliata 45% packed in blocks 15 kg.


Standard expiration date: 4 months from the production date.

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