Category 3 - Animal by-products

Animal by-products include materials and products originated from food producing animals not intended for human consumption. Recycling of those products into animal feed can bring major benefits to the economics of livestock.


Animal by-products are a great source of important nutrients for livestock. They also have an easily digestible form.

The content of high quality proteins, essential amino acids, as well as fats and carbohydrates make ABP an economical and acclaimed addition for feed industry.

Moreover, they contain vital vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. 


Category 3 materials are those of a low risk. They do not provide a direct threat to humans or animals. Materials include the parts of animals that have been passed as fit for human consumption but are not intended for consumption. In some cases those are also parts of the animal people not eat.


We also provide:

- Feather meal

- Salmon meal

- Duck meal

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