Market analysis

Read our report on the EU dairy extra trade in the first half of 2021. Take a look at slightly decreased exports and skyrocketing imports of butter. Learn about the largest Polish shipments of SMP and cheese products to third countries. See also which countries have recently become the key importers of the EU-origin WMP. 

We present you with highlights from the feed grains market around the world. Take a look at difficult weather conditions affecting harvest and spiking prices for wheat, grains, and corn. See also how governments and farmers around the world are handling the situation. 

Read our report on the dairy market in Italy. Discover the details of Italian dairy exports and see which types of cheeses are in high demand. Take a look at deliveries of dairy powders and key buyers in Europe and around the world. 

Read our report on the dairy and grains market in Brazil. Take a look at the main imported dairy goods, increased milk orders, and projected milk output. Discover also the recent export numbers of key grains and estimated production for the upcoming season. 

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