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Get to know our Team better! Today we present you with an interview with one of our Partners - Adam Nikodemski!


Hello! Tell us more about yourself!

My name is Adam Nikodemski, and I am responsible for the Italian market at Foodcom SA. I deal with all products - from skim milk in a tanker to clarified butter. I also work with plant-based proteins. Surely, I can say that I specialize in providing clients with the greatest possible comfort.


What are your markets characterized by?

The Italian market is quite specific because there is huge competition and high customer requirements. This is due to the variety of products that are typical for Italy. It is also a very seasonal market.


What does it mean?

Seasonality is certainly dictated by the internal conditions of the country, i.e. the amount of locally produced milk. It is also important to take into account the almost complete standstill of production during the holiday season. Tourists also have a very important influence on the volume of domestic consumption. Due to restrictions introduced as part of the fight against the pandemic, there are many changes on the market.


What are the most popular products?

The most popular product is butter, followed by Cagliata. Powdered milk is also very popular. Producers are also looking for proteins.


The location and shape of the country is quite specific - how does it influence the trade?

This can lead to logistics problems - especially in the southern part of the country. The distance can create huge quality issues. Not to mention keeping your prices competitive while your transportation cost are that high. 

An interesting fact is that in order to deliver a product to Italy, you have to travel through the Alps, which can be quite a challenge in winter!


 What are the trade flows on the Italian market?

Products such as cagliata, mainly from Poland, Estonia and Germany, as well as butter from Western European countries are most often delivered to Italy.

On the other hand, the most frequently exported products from Italy are milk and whey powders. They are shipped to the north of Europe.

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What distinguishes the Italian market?

Certainly, the quality requirements are much higher than in other European countries. You also have to remember that they even differ between the south and north of Italy.

I will probably not surprise anyone when I say that good mutual relations and trust play a huge role.


 What challenges do you face in this market?

 The challenge is definitely to be competitive against the rest of Europe! Despite the reduced consumption associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Italians are a large, global exporter, which makes their demand for the raw material huge. You need to provide them with high quality confirmed by many certificates, and at the same time an attractive price.


 Why did you choose this market?

 Because on business trips I can try delicious Italian dishes!


 What are your predictions for the future?

This is a very difficult question in the present reality. One predicts an increase in internal consumption in the second half of this year, which will certainly translate into the demand for raw material from Northern Europe. It is still difficult to say whether there will be a rise in prices. It is also possible that the prices will not change. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that they will be lower than now. 


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